Live to 100!

77.4 and 72.7. That's how many years the average Malaysian woman (77.4 years) and man (72.7 years) can expect to be alive in a lifetime. It's a big leap from a century ago, when hitting 54 was considered an achievement. But it's still not long enough. All of us want to reach 100. Not only to be older and wiser but also much happier and healthier.

Increased high blood pressure and high blood sugar, which increases our risk of heart disease and stroke is a predominant fear as we age. HydroD may be the ignition key to start your prevention / improvement / healing.

During our early 20s till 60s, we focus on building our career and families. We can't afford to fall sick and we shouldn't. We need the strength to overcome what life throws at us and the extra energy boost, without cramps during our workouts. CMD is your booster!

In our early years, it's about growing and resistance to viruses. And an alertness with a clear mind.

Whilst vitamins make up 1% of our body's composition, minerals make up 5%. Whilst our body can produce its own vitamins, it cannot produce its own minerals. And vitamins cannot be absorbed by our body without minerals.

Revell has teamed up with Ultimate Mineral Nutrition to give you the mineral nutrition you need in a readily absorbable form to add years to your life and life to your years.

We invite you to join us not only to improve your life, but the lives of others as we work together to educate everyone on the life-changing benefits of mineral nutrition.