Our Journey

Ants were around when dinosaurs roamed the earth thousands of years ago. The dinosaurs have since been long gone but ants are still around today. Just drop something sweet in your garden and in a matter of minutes, a swarm of ants will gather. Moral of the story: You may be big, you may make a lot of noise but the future belongs to those who can adapt to change. The dinosaurs did not adapt but the ants did and thrived.

Likewise for Revell, which was established in 1988. Since then, many network marketing companies have come and gone but Revell is still around and will be here to stay even in the distant future. How do we do it? By adapting and being adept to change!

Our Vision

The way of doing business now may be significantly different from the way of doing business when we first started. But one thing remains unchanged. People. You.

People are our assets. You are our asset. Our vision is to provide you with the best innovation to be the best you can be! Your success is our success!

Our Mission

Whilst vitamins make up 1% of our body's composition, minerals make up 5%. Whilst our body can produce its own vitamins, it cannot produce its own minerals. And vitamins cannot be absorbed by our body without minerals. In a nutshell, without minerals, you get sick.

Take care of your minerals and you take care of your life.

Join us in our mission (make it your mission too!) to educate everyone on the life-changing benefits of mineral nutrition.