HydroD - A balanced mineral extracted from Great Salt Lake, Utah with addition of Vitamin D from plants.

* Study at Boston University, shows improvements in hypertensive people who were exposed to UVA rays and UVB for 3 months, their vitamin D levels increased over 100 % - and the their blood pressure are found to be back to normal. Their hypertensive problems were recovered after 9 months of monitoring. (Michael F. Holick, PhD.MD "The Vitamin D Solution).

* In theory, activated Vitamin D is also the most potent cancer cell growth inhibitor. It also stimulates the pancreas to make insulin, and controls your immune system."

* More than 3,000 veterans (aged 50 to 75 ) at 13 Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, who consumed more than 645 IU of vitamin D per day along with more than 4 grams of grain fiber per day indicated a 40% reduction in the risk of pre-cancer formation of colon polyps. (Journal of associations American Medicine, December 2003)

* Elderly women who took vitamin D plus calcium for three months were found to be 49 % reduced risk of falling, compared to those taking calcium alone. The women who have fallen many times also were found to be the most benefitted from taking vitamin D. (Universiti Basel di Switzerland, Jurnal Persatuan Geriatrik Amerika, Februari 2004)