Give the body the nutrition it needs and allow the body to heal itself. That's the guiding philosophy behind every product at Ultimate Mineral Nutrition. We don't heal the body. Instead we use nature's goodness to help the body heal itself.

The center of that goodness lies in the minerals and trace minerals found in perfect balance in the Great Salt Lake. As the soil (which supplies the food chain) becomes minerally depleted, the Great Salt Lake becomes minerally enriched.

These minerals and trace minerals are essential for the human body. They play a role in basic metabolism, act as catalysts for certain substances, and assist enzymes in doing their jobs.

But why the Great Salt Lake? The answer is simple: Because while all sea water contains basically the same balance and form of minerals and trace minerals as found in the human body, the minerals in the Great Salt Lake are six to ten times more concentrated than that of ocean water. This high concentration and the unique eco-system (due to the presence of algae) work to self-purify the Great Salt Lake. Which means the minerals used in Ultimate Mineral Nutrition products are more naturally pure than any minerals of this type found anywhere else in the world.

And because of the high level of purity and the ionic form of the minerals, there is immediate body assimilation with all Ultimate Mineral Nutrition products. The most natural and powerful way of ensuring good health begins with Ultimate Mineral Nutrition.


1. More Concentrated

The Great Salt Lake is divided into 2 portions, the south and the north. All the main tributaries or rivers feed into the south part of the lake and this makes the south less concentrated. The north part of the lake is 2 times more concentrated than the south. UMN ponds are located on the northern part of the lake, on the eastern shore of the lake where it is indeed more concentrated.

2. Most Concentrated

The Great Salt Lake is huge at 75 miles long and 30 miles wide - but it is shallow, the average depth is only 13 feet and the greatest depth 40 feet.

1. Ultimate Mineral Nutririon's three large evaporation ponds and 11 smaller finishing ponds are located just off the jetty at Little Valley.

2. Barges laden with rock sand and gravel leaving the jetty.

3. The causeway under construction.

The first transcontinental railroad, completed in 1869, had to go around the lake and over the Promontory Mountains to the north. In 1902 the Southern Pacific Railroad constructed a new line directly across the lake, so that engines would not have to climb over the mountains. For 12 miles this route crossed a trestle - a low bridge, made of 28,000 wooden pilings. In 1957-1959 this trestle was replaced by the causeway -- a solid raised roadway made of 50 million cubic yards of rock, sand and gravel. This causeway was safer and allowed for faster speeds.

To build this causeway, rock, sand and gravel were taken from the Promontory Mountains and loaded on to barges which took them to the causeway under construction. This excavation of part of the Promontory Mountains led to a valley being formed, now called Little Valley. A jetty was built and because of the weight of the materials which the barges carried, a deep channel was dug for the barges to come in to moor to haul the rock, sand and gravel back and forth to create the causeway. This is the same channel in which UMN pumps concentrated minerals from. It is the deepest part of the lake which is straight out from where UMN ponds are located, in Little Valley. As the minerals become more concentrated they become heavier, thus allowing them to go to the bottom or deepest part of the lake. This creates an ideal situation for harvesting the most concentrated minerals and trace minerals.

3. Purer

Phytoplankton, dominated by green algae, tint the south part of the lake a greenish color whilst Dunaliella salina, a species of algae which releases beta-carotene gives the north part of the lake a reddish or purplish color. It is through the work of these algae that the Great Salt Lake has been studied as a self-purifying eco-system, and is the world's most pure source of liquid ionic minerals and trace minerals, all in their natural balance most compatible with human metabolism.

4. Less Sodium, Less Iron

UMN ponds are huge. In fact they are the biggest ponds in the world to be utilized solely for the harvesting of minerals and trace minerals for human consumption. At a great investment, they were purposely constructed in such a way so as to have a large surface area, which will ensure the minerals are evaporated faster, leaving behind sodium and iron.

In addition to the three large evaporation ponds, there are 11 smaller finishing ponds to ensure the same consistency in concentration with less sodium and iron during each year's evaporation.

5. Research & Development

Continuous research and development is carried out to empower growth through innovation in developing the ultimate science based mineral nutrition products for the global market.

Thus, merging the best of nature with the latest technology in science, Ultimate Mineral Nutrition seeks to bring you the ultimate in mineral nutrition from Utah's Great Salt Lake.

Merging the best of nature with the latest technology in science to bring you the ultimate in mineral nutrition from Utah's Great Salt Lake.