CMDKofee (20 sachets x 15g)

100% selected Arabica and Robusta coffee beans and in combination with 72 types of CMD minerals which provides the true flavor of a real coffee with multiple benefits .

ENJOY the benefits of every CMD®KOFEE sachet, which are enhanced by these ingredients:

  • The combination of selected international standard coffee with cocoa added, thus INCREASING ANTI-OXIDANT POWER while giving a tasty flavor.
  • MINERAL & TRACE MINERAL in CMD® help to replenish mineral requirements in the body as well as reduces its acidic taste.
  • STEVIA & FRUKTOS, natural sugar that do not raise blood sugar levels.


MAGNESIUM in coffee helps support liver function, muscle relaxation, development of teeth and bones, and contributes to energy production in your cells, and helps to balance the pH of the body.

Why CMD®KOFEE is good for diet?

  • Helps promote our digestive system.
  • Suitable for non-chronic gastric person.
  • Natural sugar (stevia & fructose) do not raise blood sugar levels. (High sugar diet may cause obesity!)
  • Helps detox & reduce acidic toxins, uric acid and cholesterol.
  • To prepare our body for meals in small portions.